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Here are some photos of Sofia Vergara from the May issue of Women’s Health. In an interview with the magazine, part of which you can read here, Sofia talked about being a tiger in the bedroom, that she’s got “a great ass”, and feeling sexy only after getting dressed up and having full make-up on. Good Lord, check out homegirl’s body! 41 years old, and Sofia still looks hot as hell! Love her!

Here are some photos of Kate Mara from the May issue of Playboy. In an interview with the magazine, all of which you can read here, Kate talked about her acting roles, her famous family, singing at New York Giants games, her TV series House of Cards, working out because it makes her more confident, and being thankful that she doesn’t get recognized all the time when she’s in public. Kate’s just wonderful. I’ve always thought she’s got that special something!

Here are some photos of Kirsten Dunst from the summer issue of W. In an interview with the magazine, all of which you can read here, Kirsten talked about limiting the number of films she does, her experience with directors, wanting to be an interior designer, trusting her instincts, nudity on film, and not enjoying being on the red carpet due to ongoing criticism. Ah Kirsten looks so pretty in these photos, doesn’t she? What a great photo spread!

Emilia Clarke wants a piece of Kit Harington


If the words of Star are to be believed, Emilia Clarke has fallen hard for her Game of Thrones co-star Kit Harrington. A source told the magazine that even though Emilia is currently dating actor Cory Michael Smith, she has recently developed strong feelings for Kit, adding that she has “been telling friends that they would make a cute couple”. Kit also apparently feels the same way about Emilia. A Khaleesi-Jon Snow romance? Oh why not!

Here are some photos of Lake Bell from the May issue of Esquire. In an interview with the magazine, part of which you can read here, Lake talked about knowing that she wanted to be an actor since she was a child, how her acting career’s turned out, being a director, and her ping-pong skills. I’m liking the vintage vibe of this shoot. Also, how amazing does Lake’s body look!? Love the lady!

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