Here are some photos of Anne Hathaway at Christopher Nolan's Grauman's Chinese Theater hand-and-footprint ceremony over the weekend. Anne attended the event wearing a black sleeveless jersey dress from Givenchy. Yeah Anne is really beautiful, doesn’t she? Not a fan of the dress she’s wearing, but I’m really starting to dig her short hair. I know a lot of people don’t exactly fancy it, but honestly, I think it’s a good look on her!

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    Whaat I was totally there last week! Just missed her :(
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    oh my gosh! this is how I thought things would go when I cut off all of my hair in sixth grade. sadly, I was wrong.
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    Cause she looks like my Shaps…who i didn’t dig her pixie at first but now can’t remember what she looked like before it.
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    I love Anne with that short hair. She’s got the face for it.
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